Art For Education Night: March 28, 2020.  5:00-7:00 pm

We invite all members of the Maui community to attend.

Join us for this fun and special event that benefits Little Monk Seal Montessori's Mike Lazuka Scholarship Fund.  Michelle Lazuka, Mike’s daughter, is the Cofounder of Little Monk Seal Montessori. Mike was a loving father and entrepreneur who led a life serving others and giving back. The Scholarship is to remember and honor his legacy by sharing his values with our students through our schools’ curriculum. Little Monk Seal respects our planet and teaches children to practice kindness, work hard and to lead a life of service.  Mike’s life was cut tragically short, but his spirit lives on in the children this scholarship benefits. The full story about The Mike Lazuka Scholarship can be found by scrolling below.

We invite you and your family to come into the school to view or purchase professional photography, partake in a silent auction, enjoy fabulous raffled door prizes, socialize with other families over pupus, and even see Little Monk Seal Montessori students' dazzling art pieces up for sale.  


This is a family friendly event and admission is FREE!  Items for sale range from $5.00-$500.00 (cash or check only). There is no pressure to purchase anything but there is something for everyone on any budget. This is not a tax-deductible purchase, but it makes financial aid economically possible for a small school like ours.  


100% of the proceeds go toward The Mike Lazuka Scholarship Fund, which allows Little Monk Seal Montessori to provide financial assistance to deserving students.

Gifts for guests generously donated from local businesses, including...


2.5 hr. Sail Aboard Shadowfox

Uplift Maui

Rio Event Design

Joy's Place

Your Bliss

Maui Ocean Center Aquarium Passes

Window To Paradise fine art

Shayla Massage

Reefdancer bottomless boat trips

Dakine Clothing & Gifts

That's a Wrap Maui

Keiki Surf lessons from Kingdom Riders

808 Deli gift cards

Luau Tickets

Maui Jim Sunglasses


*If you're a local business that would like to contribute please contact Little Monk Seal Montessori!

All guests must RSVP Michelle (808) 321-0028 by March 15, 2020. Mahalo

ART and GIFTS for a great cause!

Need to purchase a gift for someone or yourself?  Why not give a gift that gives back?  Mark and Shayla Middleton, talented artists and owners of Window to Paradise on Maui, have generously offered to donate 20% of the proceeds on their Fine Art purchases to Little Monk Seal's Michael Lazuka Scholarship Fund. For more information about this honorable Scholarship please keep scrolling all the way down this page.  


Check out the art pieces and type in the promo code "monk seal" to also receive 20% off your purchase & FREE shipping!

Window to Paradise specializes in large, clear, tropical island Fine Art based on Maui Hawaii. We strive to create a ‘window‘ into the magical, beautiful, world of Hawaii. Now you can have your own little slice of ‘paradise‘.​

Gifts that give 100% of the net profit toward the scholarship fund can be seen here below and purchased by calling the school (808) 321-0028.

Thank You Cards Blank inside.  Image of our critically endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal Photo by Michelle Lazuka. Taken at Hookipa Beach, Maui.

1 card $5.00. set of 3, $10.00. set of 8, $20.00.

Beautifully packaged and ready to give as a gift. 

T Shirts ages 3-7.  sizes 3T, 4T, & XS, S, M.  Adult S, M, L  $15.99

Adult super comfy grey tanks only $15.00

LMSM Coffee Tumbler $35.00

LMSM 20 oz clear BPA free water bottle with straw $15.00

Photography on the wall at Little Monk Seal Montessori. All photos were taken by Michelle Lazuka; Director of the school. 100% of net profit for the art go toward the Michael Lazuka Early Childhood Education Scholarship Fund.    For purchases please contact Michelle Lazuka (808) 321-0028 or email her at Below are samples of the art for purchase. All photos are on a glossy metal print that catches beautiful light from different angles. They can be purchased in these various sizes...

12x12 $85.00, 11x14 $85.00, 20x30 $185.00, 24x36 $235.00...All shipping is $10.00.

Below are examples of what they look like hanging on the wall. The photos in these two pictures are 24x36.

Below are the images you can choose from...

What began as a vision for preschool and kindergarten in a community that was in need, has become a learning facility that fosters education, health, wellness, and ohana for our precious island. The Little Monk Seal Montessori team feels so lucky to be on Maui and will continue to encourage all people who want to learn, grow and thrive here in paradise! 

The Mike Lazuka Early Childhood Education Scholarship

This scholarship provides financial assistance to deserving children in need of an excellent education.

Michelle Lazuka is one of the founders of Little Monk Seal Montessori. The scholarship is in the name of her father, Michael Lazuka (1952-1987). Mike was an intelligent entrepreneur who worked hard to develop his own company called Game Tech.  He invented the game “Mini Hoops” which is still seen in arcades and game rooms to this day.  He loved Hawaii and visited frequently with plans of eventually studying oceanography.  He was captivated and intrigued by the gifts and wonders of our planet.  He made a profound impact on the lives of many. He was known to “literally give the shirt off his back to those in need.”  He was gentle, hilarious and loving.  Michael was especially known for always putting others before himself in the most humble way.   Although the material things in life did not matter to him, the things that he did acquire, he would give away to others.  


   Mike spent his life giving back to the community all with a huge, handsome smile on his face.  That smile is one of his trademarks. From an early age Michael wanted to help others.  He provided for the poor in his own neighborhood by giving away hot chocolate on cold days.   He worked hard to pay for his own college tuition and worked side jobs to buy needy children toys on Christmas.  He extended his service even further by traveling to Guatemala to do charity work for families that were in desperate need for food and shelter.  Even the day he passed away he did what he could by being an organ donor.  He gave his eyes to someone who needed to see and his heart to someone who needed to live.  


   His oldest daughter Carrie recalls, “I remember a story my mom told me about my dad in his college days.  They went to school in a pretty rural part of Ohio where the outskirts of the college campus was highly populated with fairly poverty stricken families.  As my mom and dad were driving through the outskirts, they passed a trailer park where my dad noticed several young children outside playing soccer with bare feet.  He immediately found the nearest store and purchased shoes for all of those children.  He went and delivered them and made conversation with the kids.  What college aged guy would think of doing that?  Mike Lazuka did that day.”  He displayed compassion and kindness like this every single day of his life! 


   Michael had a wife and three children by the age of 30. His family mattered more than anything to him.  Michael died an untimely death at an early age from an accident. It was sudden and tragic. His family and friends were at a overwhelming loss.  After the death, his family had a very difficult time moving forward.  The fact that he was no longer in this world hit tremendously hard on the lives of everyone he knew.  He was someone that anyone could turn to for help, support or just to share a laugh with.  He took his time to care without judgment to ALL. Whether you were a close friend or a complete stranger did not matter to Mike. It is still hard to believe to this day that someone as special as he was is no longer with us. 


   Michelle Lazuka (Michael’s youngest daughter) was only six when he passed. Her father was the biggest influence in her life.  She admired his enthusiasm for life and the attitude he had towards all human beings.  He made everyone feel important and special. When times were hard, Michelle tried to imagine how her father would react.  She tries to remember to stay strong, always volunteer and help, put others first, and have a positive outlook when things are difficult: just like her father. She admits this is not always easy, which makes her admire her father even more. Still, this is what he had taught her to do and this is what she wants to teach others to do as well.


   His love for education, Hawaii, and children is what helped her move on in difficult times. It helped her focus on the important things in life.  Little Monk Seal Montessori shares the same values that Mike exemplified.  This school respects our earth and oceans, it teaches children to give back, work hard, and to lead a life of service. Life is too short to spend time wishing, wanting, or regretting. Michelle hopes to make a difference just as he had and she would love nothing more than to pass his legacy on through helping families and children in need. 


   Michael never got the chance to take his education further by studying the oceans. He would be proud to see his passion for the ocean is remembered through Little Monk Seal’s curriculum.  Michael’s life and his acts of kindness ended far too soon on this planet.  The scholarship honors the life of this great man. His thoughtfulness and genuine heart are his legacy and he IS still here making a difference in the lives of many.

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